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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  October 12, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> think you for joining us. we will get to last night's game. huge win. and the vice presidential debate. >> let us get a look at our forecast. how is it looking? >> a lot going on. the ravens playing on sunday. the weather should be on our side. clouds in the sky, currently 41 degrees. pretty chilly temperatures. a few areas in the 30's. very similar to yesterday. highs in the mid 60's. a few clouds here and there. most of the day, sunny. watch out for strong winds. if you gusts up to 30 miles per hour as a cold front approaches the area, it will be chilly tonight. now to traffic. >> good morning. let us check on the major roads. looking good on the north side of the beltway.
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harrisburg expressway, not bad. very light. 60 miles per hour toward baltimore national pipe. 70 ok. averaging around 58. 52 to from the bay bridge. on 95, 63 miles per hour. here is a live look at traffic. we will update you north of the beltway, checking out ok. problem free from the maryland line down. and what was switched to a live audio. -- a live view. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> they live to play another day. the orioles postseason magic sticks around in the bronx.
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>> in another close low scoring game went into extra innings, they come out on top. they scored first in the top of the fifth. the orioles were up 1-0. and a bigger play on defense of the bottom of the fifth. he tracked down a fly ball. and then it gets it back to first in time for a double play. amazing. ending a potential big inning for the yankees. new york would tie the game and nine innings would not be enough. and then j.j. hardy hits a rbi double. we have more from the yankees stadium. >> in the eighth inning well before this would come to an end there seemed a sense of inevitability, dread. two men on, nobody out.
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but the orioles did it again. at some point we will have to accept that, if you doubt this team, doubt at your own risk. >> great pitching staff. >> 9-9 during the regular season, 2-2. it is going to be an intense fun game tomorrow. >> that is the way the game is. we all a competing together. we all care about each other. >> we get a game 5. we essentially already have one in texas. how much does but help you? >> i do not know. i think we approach every game the same whether it is an elimination game or not. so, we will be ready to play tomorrow and every game before that. >> and with the victory over the yankees, they beat new york in extra innings. there were 16-0 against everybody else and got the job done 1-3 in extras against new
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york. game 5 today. cannot wait to see what will happen at yankees stadium. >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the dickered the orioles have enough left in their tank to knock off the -- do at the orioles have enough left in their tank to knock off the yankees? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail at -- stan, over to your. >> and other news, an update to the deadly fire in east baltimore we have brought you yesterday. fire officials still trying to find out because. george lettis is live outside. bring us up to date. >> well, right now the fire chief says at this point,
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initial findings -- no working smoke alarms in the home at the time. as you said, the 52-year-old man is the one and a critical condition. he had jumped out of the house. heavy smoke and flames shooting from this denwood avenue, when firefighters arrived. some jumped of the house to escape. he jumped from the second floor. the victim's -- 55-year-old nancy worrell, 1-year-old james holden, 2-year-old kaniyah scott, 4-year-old darryl stewart and 7-year-old tykia marky -- all dies iin the fire. >> to lose a child, to lose and mother, it is a heart wrenching. as a community, we have got to support each other.
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>> so far, there are least three other survivors. two 19-year-olds, a 2 month old baby, two firefighters were injured in the fire. we are live, wbal tv 11 news. >> three more firefighters recovering after battling another fire. this one and southeast of baltimore. they say and broke out in the basement of a home -- on the 1400 block of bonsal street. they are listed in stable condition. police looking for information that could lead them to a shooting suspect. investigators say the man was shot several times. around 5:30 yesterday on the north charles street. at last check, the victim in critical condition. court's dozens of students
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gathered to raleigh for same-sex marriage. a handful of legislators spoke of the rally. . 6 on the november ballot. student government said they have registered 2000 voters in the past couple weeks. >> the first step is getting them registered, the second step is educating them on how to vote. >> we are really excited about question 6. >> the voter registration deadline in maryland is this coming tuesday. >> the time now 5:07. still ahead, smiles, smirks and smacked down. highlights from the vice presidential debate. >> here is a live look at traffic. looks fun right there. more weather and traffic when we
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come back.
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>> welcome back. the time now as 5:10. a live look downtown from our skycam. the city lights twinkling. the sun coming up at around 7:14. currently 40 degrees. of in the low 40's in the suburbs. today will be likely similar to yesterday. a lot of areas will see quite a bit of sunshine. a cold front approaching. watch out for breezy wind. guests could be up to 30 miles per hour.
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mountains come up to a sprinkle and the midday. orioles game in the bronx. >> this morning, the vice presidential candidates will be back on the campaign trail after a showdown last night in the kentucky. >> halle, where the polls saying so far? >> we are waking up this morning in the polls really do not show a clear consensus one way or the other as to who came out looking stronger. after a quick handshake, joe biden and paul ryan went at it on the economy. >> stopped talking about how you care about people. show me something. show me a policy. show me a policy or you take responsibility.
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>> did they come in and inherit that equation? absolutely. >> they fought about medicare. >> here is the problem, they got the bear -- caught with their hands in the cookie jar. >> now they have a new plan, trust me, it will not cost any more. >> and they fought over the 47%, and this summer. >> 47% -- is about time they take responsibility. >> with respect to that, i think the vice-president well knows that sometimes the words do not come out of the right way. >> they differed on foreign policy. >> we do agree with the timeline and the transition. what any administration will do in 2013 is assess the situation to see how best to complete this timeline. >> we are leaving in 2014.
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period. >> all of this, the debates, the discussion is meant to get their views out. specifically to voters in key swing states. there will be the focus for the vp candidates today as joe biden and wisconsin and paul ryan has to ohio. >> a whole lot of testosterone and going around in that room. a lot of people buzzing this morning about joe biden's body language. why? >> it was tough. two-seat joe biden smile, his laughter during some of his responses. commentators were saying, it was really condescending, almost disrespectful. but to love others talking about -- joe biden's energy mind of a halt to rally of the democrats even more. paul ryan did seem to smirk,
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too. the moderator is getting good reviews as well. >> thank you. >> is 42 degrees at the airport at 5:14. my dog ate my report? how about my toe is stuck in the faucet? these are excuses people have used one calling out of work. used one calling out of work. >> scanning the
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>> now and still whether plus n traffic together. >> if you are going to travel soon, roads looking good. no delays at the moment. no incidents. we are 60 miles per hour on the outer loop. on a southbound 83, toward middletown, 66. 67 on southbound 95 toward fort mchenry toll plaza. speeds on average, 62 on a south bend 295 toward 100. 83 north of the beltway -- as to approach the beltway, getting a little heavy. and nice start on the harrisburg expressway. and a smoother ride on the north side. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> good morning. we are moving along nicely on the mta systems.
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no delays on marc train. behalf 311 buses are diverging at charles and 28th street. due to construction. tomorrow the marathon will cause major bus diversions beginning at 7:00 a.m. and lasting throughout the day. mta encourages race for the race participants to use light rail. back to ava marie. >> thank you. good morning. it is pretty chilly out there. downtown, 50 degrees. it quickly drops into the forties. 44 and of pikesville. as we cross over the bay, 46 and chestertown. it will be better into the afternoon. similar as yesterday.
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high temperatures, amid 60's into the afternoon. five degrees below normal. i sunshine. the thing that will get to is the wind. 10 if to 20 miles per hour. a few wind gusts could be up to 30 miles per hour. have a good jacket. you are going to be thankful. we do have the orioles with their final game, how exciting we are really finishing off the series at yankees stadium. the forecast looking good as well cared a lot of clear skies throughout the game, starting at 5:00 p.m.. 58 degrees and new york city. winds northwest 20 miles per hour. by 8:00 p.m., as the game starts to wrap up, 52 degrees. the winds of the northwest, 15 miles per hour. the people watching the game will have to watch out. currently seeing a few clouds around the mid-atlantic. here comes an approaching cold
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front. it will cause a big drop in the temperatures going into tonight. draping from new york into the plains. behind it, we see some very chilly air. 29 degrees in minneapolis. down to the teens as you get into international falls. but canadian air mass is moving our way. a freeze watch in effect for carroll county baltimore county. the cold spots rarely drop into the low 30's. that could be dangerous for any crops on protected. 40 degrees downtown. down into the 30's and the suburbs. that will likely be our first frost tomorrow. the running festival -- a chilly start to the day. low 40's downtown. low 60's by the afternoon. sunshine tomorrow, a few clubs sunday for the ravens. next chance for rain on monday. >> in this morning's consumer
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alert, the postal service will raise prices starting in january, a first-class stamp will cost 46 cents, up one penny from right now. and a global forever stamp will be $1.10, to mail anywhere in the world. and priority services will raise. >> going out of work sick? do you not use these excuses. some have said my dog is having a nervous breakdown geared i got upset watching the hunger games. i am having my dead grandmother dug up for a police investigation. the survey says 30% called in sick last year, even if they were not. i love the grandmother 1. >> the survey says -- family
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feud. a big day in wall street. walmart could end up with a black eye on black friday. for more on those stories -- live from the nyse-listed ridtgif. -- new york stock exchange. >> good morning. unhappy employees are backed by the united food and commercial workers union are planning rallies and other public events on black friday at wal-mart. workers have been protesting low wages, work conditions and what they call walmart's retaliation. they said they cannot speculate what will happen. as earnings day to day for some of the nation's biggest banks. we will hear from chase and about 7:00 a.m., well as cargo fargo. a.m. -- wells
5:23 am
we will talk futures. kind of flat. we finished mixed yesterday. there were some early optimism about a weekly jobless claims number. at the new york stock exchange, reporting for wbal 11. >> i understand of comforting news for people who are addicted to starbucks? >> it seems like no matter where you live, you are not far from a starbucks. a blogger figured this out. >> see you next hour. court's there is one on every corner. it is 5:23. wthe space shuttle endeavour has one final trip to go.
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>> the space shuttle endeavour will start a 12 mile trip across the streets of los angeles. >> it will move to the california science center. stephanie has more on the final road trip. >> and lift off. after 25 missions, millions of miles in space, and thousands of miles long during its final flight over, space shuttle endeavour will travel the final leg of its journey. beginning early friday morning, it will be carried from a lax across the street of los angeles, to the new home at the california science center. >> we will have a barbecue. >> but the mission 26 is no small endeavor. with top speed of just 2 miles per hour, the shuttle will be inches away from buildings.
5:27 am
>> there are eight wheels. each wheel can move independently. but they are all computer- controlled. >> the city cut down nearly 400 trees and removed street lights and traffic signals. they had to install steel reinforcement along parts of the streets to accommodate the 78 foot wide, 170,000 pound spacecraft. the police department also has a full plan in place along the shuttle route to control traffic and crowds. >> we will have officers on bicycles, on foot, and vehicles. >> he served on the final space mission and says fans will get an extra treat one visiting space shuttle endeavour. >> solid rocket boosters. it will be exciting. >> exciting and a homecoming for space shuttle endeavour, built in southern california and will be on the shuttle displayed on the west coast. >> i can't imagine the traffic
5:28 am
situation. >> it will be quite the endeavor. [laughter] >> the time is 5.27. still ahead, the orioles magic has not run out yet. >> another game goes into extra innings. but this time the orioles come out on top. plus -- >> i am george lettis, we have more information about the baltimore house fire that killed five people including four children. >> we will talk about the forecast and new york city for the orioles. and our seven-day forecast is next. >> as we check the area roads, an accident in the city. we will update you on that and we will update you on that and check
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>> you are watching wbal tv 11. live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at 5:00. >> good morning. welcome back. i am stan stovall. i am mindy basara. >> a lot is going on. the baltimore ravens, the running festival. it is a good thing the weather
5:31 am
will cooperate. currently 41 atkin's diet bwi, the dew point at 38. up.winds will pick nw 10 to 20. wind gusts up to 30. very similar to yesterday. you will feel the chill tonight. a cold front will drop the temperatures. it may be our first frost. let us hopefully the major roads will continue to cooperate. right now they are looking good. one accident in the city if your traveling along pulaski st. maybe some lanes closed. 60 miles per hour in the outer loop from 795 baltimore national pie. so far and nice start of the fort mchenry told plaza. further south on 295, at speeds 62 miles per hour. from 195 toward 32.
5:32 am
a live view of traffic. southbound traffic moving, but a smooth ride. and 95 at 152, coming down from hartford county, a nice start. no problems from the cecil county area toward howard county. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> our big story this morning, a big win in the bronx, the orioles fight to play another day. >> the orioles and yankees will take the field one last time in game 5 of the alds. we have a look at how it looked from inside yankee territory. >> with a dramatic and tension- filled evening as the orioles started off with a 1-0 lead and then the yankees tied it up. it took 13 innings, but the orioles finally pulled it out 2- 1. you could cut the tension with a knife.
5:33 am
the orioles proving they have a little more magic left in the tank. we will see what they can do tomorrow in the game 5. outside yankee stadium, wbal. >> the series deciding game 5 is set for tonight at 5:07 in the bronx. the winner will face the detroit tigers and the championship series starting tomorrow. if they win the will host game 3 of that series next tuesday. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day, do they have enough in the tank to knock off the yankees'? >> this viewer says yes. bubble up. buckle up. you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail at >> now to a developing story purify officials trying to determine the cause of the row house fire.
5:34 am
george lettis is live outside bayview medical center. where one victim remains in critical condition. >> 52-year-old, the grandfather of those kids is an critical condition after jumping from the house. and the city fire chief says initial findings show there are no working smoke alarms in the house. stuffed animals and lighted candles outside the home where five were killed in an early morning fire thursday. on thursday night kids coming to their parents while others shared memories. >> what will you miss most about her? what she was kind and generous. >> she was a lovable child. it is so amazing met yesterday she went around putting most people telling them, i love you.
5:35 am
little did we know that would be the last time we would see her. >> i was just screaming. i knew that there were kids and their. i am just like, oh my gosh. >> when firefighters arrived around 2:00 a.m. -- smoke was filling the home. some may desperate attempts to get out alive. >> she just got some scratches. >> the baby and mother are doing ok. the grandfather still in critical condition. his wife and her grandchildren all died and the fire. >> is just heart wrenching. as a community, we have got to support each other. >> and two firefighters were
5:36 am
injured in that fire. they are expected to be okay. live at debut, george lettis, wbal 11 news. >> and this morning's education alert, baltimore city received failing marks on how the school system is being run. >> this found numerous instances of overtime and overpayments made to employees. the audit conducted by the office of legislative audits. >> when will that over time, we found a number of discrepancies, the payments being made couldn't be supported by the records. and they couldn't explain why there were discrepancies. >> the audit was critical of the underuse of school buildings and how the district truck transportation costs. can read the whole audit on the education alert page of a >> the time is now 5:36.
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we all know whether can affect a lot of things. our bodies, aches and pains. courts in a study suggests it can affect something else -- our conversation. how the forecast can affect your next phone call. in the next medical alert. >> and your morning commute. traveling in the city, an traveling in the city, an accident [ female announcer ] having grands biscuits in the morning is easy. pop them in, go about your business, and in just 15 minutes, your family can enjoy warm fresh from the oven biscuits.
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>> welcome back. the time now 5:39. 50 degrees downtown. a live look -- pretty dark. the sun will not be up until 7:14. a cold front approaching the area. that will pick up the wins as well. temperature's very similar.
5:40 am
as we reach a high of 64 around baltimore. 66 in southern maryland. low 50's in the mountains. clouds, maybe just a sprinkle ahead of the cold front. we will feel the wind is gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour. it feels to chilly with the wind. it gets colder tonight. we will talk about how that affects the running festival tomorrow. >> in this morning's medical alert, state health officials say four or maryland residents have developed fungal meningitis. >> officials believe there could be as many as 15,000 people who might be exposed. they said there found 90% of the cases --
5:41 am
>> who we call and how long we talk might be determined by the weather cleared and british study of more than 1 million cell phone users found that when it is uncomfortably hot or what, people tend to call close friends and family rather than their wider network of contacts. and they last longer than when they are made on more unpleasant -- more pleasant days. >> the time of 5:41. 52 degrees at the airport. >> still ahead, the orioles force a decisive game 5. >> who they will face if they beat the yankees, that coming up later in the sport's spirit and a famous part of history is coming to the big screen. argo. >> and how well tomorrow's [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising...
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>> and now weather and traffic together. >> good morning. let us bring you up-to-date. one problem. traveling in the city along pulaski street, a crash of there. otherwise of to speed. a problem free toward 795. a trip on the west side -- 57 miles per hour. 57 on 295 as your perch 100. 64 miles per hour on a southbound i-95 through howard county. problem 48free on 32. continuing to move well down toward 32. and a live view of traffic and harford county. checks out ok here.
5:45 am
problem free on the rest of the major roadways. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. nadya latest on the trains. >> happy friday. we are moving along nicely with no delays on the marc train. metro on schedule. 311 buses diverging at charles and 28. major bus diversions tomorrow beginning at 7:00 a.m. and last throughout the day. mta encouraging you to ride light rail. for more information -- visit >> thank you. another chilly morning. it is born to get even colder. 50 degrees downtown.
5:46 am
41 at bwi. 44 currently in pikesville. if you clouds today. it will be breezy. winds northwest, 10 to 20 miles per hour. up to 30 miles per hour wind gusts. that will take a toll on the temperatures. supposed to be similar to yesterday, mid-60s. colder when youctor when yo factor in the wins. and what a game. we are expecting the game to start at 5:00 p.m. today, your first pitch temperature of 58. breezy wins in the big apple. those should be decreasing to about 15 miles per hour winds. overall, a pretty good game weatherwise. expect mostly clear skies. cold front approaching the area.
5:47 am
that will slide into the northeast tonight and bring high pressure into place tomorrow. the high-pressure system basically bring in some arctic air. you will feel the chill coming in behind it. let us take a look of the temperature map. first we expect frost to be widespread. likely to be our first frost for many places tomorrow morning. there's a freeze watch for northern baltimore county, hartford and carroll counties. some could dip past the freezing mark. cover up crops or bring them inside. forecast tonight -- we get down into the 30's for most of the area. patchy frost concerns. skies will be mostly clear. heading to the marathon? it will be great. chilly in the morning. 41 degrees for the start. by 10:00 a.m., into the mid-40s. 50 toward the lunchtime hour. the winds should shift to the
5:48 am
northeast. and the seven-day forecast -- 71 degrees on sunday. warmer for the ravens. by monday, our next chance for rain. >> thank you. a problem across the country. hard times and cutbacks. districts could drop sports and music. >> comedian kevin james offers fun and his new film "here comes the boom." >> we have to cut millions of dollars. >> who will do that? >> we will. >> kevin james in the movie. a teacher who comes up with the best idea ever. it is rated pg. >> we all fly out to gather. >> and saving lives and "argo."
5:49 am
ben f. lek plays a cia -- ben afflack plays a cia officer. >> do you think these are serial numbers? >> i do not know. >> ethan finds great films and a sinister purity finds a box of home movies depicting a grisly murders occurred when investigates similarities from a supranatural killer turns his home to a house of horror. sinister is rated r. canine crime -- start snatching puppies for profit.
5:50 am
this is rated r. that is the box office preview. >> a good lineup of films. the time now is 5:49. 42 degrees. the birds will fly another day. >> they cranked out an extra inning game. >> and a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers.
5:51 am
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>> now 11 sports. >> good morning. the magical, magnificent, unlikely season for the orioles continues tonight. at least one more game and hopefully more. two-1. they beat the yankees last night and 13th innings. to force saddam five. they continue to show amazing resiliency -- to force a game 5. they continue to show amazing resiliency. 1-0 orioles. the yankees tied it in the sixth. the orioles follow up, with ray lewis.
5:54 am
back-to-back doubles, two-one orioles. one drive to manny machado. they played the deciding game 5 tonight. >> it is one of those things, we had our backs up against the wall. win or go home. and we knew it. it was intense out there. it was nice to come through there in 13. >> yes, it is. first pitch, 5:07. if they win the game, they fly right to be trite or there would open the american league championship series. and it goes to justin, and the
5:55 am
tigers take it early from austin jackson. the only run. the only run he needed. 11 strikeouts. and gets stephen drew in the sixth inning. in the ninth, he allowed four hits. detroit wins 6-0. the oakland a's season is over. the tigers win it. the winner of the orioles- yankees game plays detroit tomorrow and the alcs. the ravens have won 14 straight games, and counting the playoffs. the ravens did not score a touchdown at home. they have not lost since december 2010 at home when they lost to the steelers. the steelers lost last night to the titans. there will be up to games on
5:56 am
the steelers. they are played 22 times this year from each team has won 11 games. >> pretty even. >> speaking of tonight's game, stay here to get your answer to the water cooler question. >>. they have enough left in the tank to knock off the yankees? i am getting ahead of myself. i am already thinking detroit. get as a win tonight. >> and the yankees take what it takes to beat the orioles? they certainly do have a hard time beating us. >> the of a good pitcher, that helps the yankees. there is no way i am going against the orioles tonight. too much going on. >> we did not know what happened to you. >> thank you. we have a much more on the orioles postseason magic coming
5:57 am
up. >> and a fearless finished to fans in the bronx, we have much more on game 5 versus the yankees. >> and a cold front approaching the area. it should not affect new york city, but it will bring a major drop in temperatures. >> we will take a look at delays. as recheck your morning commute. plus, one accident to watch for in the city. details next. hey, what are you drinkin'? pumpkin coffee for the morning. and i've got my pumpkin k-cup packs for at home. now i can have my pumpkin coffee any time i want it. pumpkin's perfect.
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i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm just in love with the flavor. i get mine black. i don't want to take away from that pure taste. so smooth, no bitterness. it's awesome. there's no other taste like it. america runs on dunkin' coffee. >> still alive in game 5. extra inning drama carries them on. we have the highlights. >> and i am george lettis, have more information about the baltimore house fire that killed baltimore house fire that killed five


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